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Load Forecasting, Energy Forecasting, Electricity and Carbon Price Forecasting

Power System Investment, Planning and Management

Power System Operation and Simulation

Power System Control and Protection

Power System Security, Stability, Reliability and Resiliency

Power System Alarm Processing, Fault Diagnosis and System Restoration

Active Distribution Networks and DC Distribution Networks

Integrated Energy System and Energy Internet

HVDC transmission


Renewable Generation and Distributed Energy Resources

Computational Intelligence, Big Data, ICT and Blockchain Applications in Smart Grids

Emerging Advanced Technologies and End-user Systems

Microgrids, Standalone Power Systems and Virtual Power Plants

Policy, Electricity Market, Innovative Business Mechanism, Policy/Regulatory Aspects

Peer-to-peer Energy Trading and Transactive Energy Management

Smart Homes, Buildings and Cities and Cyber Security

Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Techniques

IoT Enabled Energy Systems

High Voltage Technology

Power System Solutions Towards a Net-Zero Future

Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Emission

Power Electronics Application in Power Systems

Aerospace Power Electronics

Energy Storage Systems

Power Equipment Maintenance and Asset Management

Advanced Sensing and Measurement

Cyber Security for Power Systems

Transportation Electrification

Electric Motors and Control Systems

Electrical Engineering Education